Mongerskit Trading System
Mongerskit Trading System is a powerful MTF (MultiTimeFrame) buy/sell signal generating indicator which aims to show you the general trend the market is moving in. Mongerskit uses a mix formula of exponential, weighted, least squares and hull combined to give you best accuracy possible. With our back test in 10 major Forex pairs, we concluded our research with an average accuracy of 71.5% (in 4 hours time frame). Mongers kit does not repaint in anyway unlike majority of the indicators available.
How to USE
We have shared a few images of the latest generated signals to show our users how the system works, the system only generates buy and sell signals, the trend line and percentage gain has been added manually to show our users how much each trade has yielded. Mongerskit Trading System only support Tradingview, the best charting platform available on the web. We currently have no plans to develop a MT4/MT5 version but it is definitely in our to-do list.
Mongerskit Trading System can be purchased on monthly basis for 50$ or one-time payment of 500$. With purchase of Mongerskit Trading System you get : All the updates and changes to our future versions one on one support & trading advice All future new released Indicators

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Contact & Support
Feel free to contact us regarding any issues; bug reporting, support, purchase related matters, business matter, etc. You can reach us directly using the form below or by Messaging us on Tradingview.

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-v2.2 - final tweaks are done to this revision - few appearance changes - minor reported bug fixes -v2.1 -changed the sensitivity a little more. -fixed all the reported bugs and issues -fixed a problem with chart scaling down when using the indicator -fixed some typo with signal text -v2.0 - changed the sensitivity and few settings, signals are much more accurate. - made a few appearance changes. - Signals may appear less then before but they are much more accurate, use 4 hour and 12 hours together to determine best entry. - this is the Dark theme, I will release the Light theme too for the ones using lighter background colors. v1.1 -fixed the amount of times the signals are shown -fixed some color issues v1.0 This is the first edition of Mongerskit trading system. this is not a very accurate version, this version completely free to use, you can find it in the public library under "Mongerskit" name.
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